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Journey Home with Opihr

Alex BescobyIf the last year has taught us anything, it’s the importance of seeing exploration as a state of mind, not just a physical journey. Whether rediscovering home or heading further afield, the right journey with the right cultural experiences can enrich us forever, and as the world gradually opens up, we can start planning that adventure of a lifetime today, while also taking time to explore the wonders on our own doorstep.

We join Alex Bescoby, award-winning film maker and presenter to join his friends and fellow adventure-seekers at their favourite UK spots. Through the tales of these inspiring explorers who have embarked on life-changing journeys in all corners of the world, we discover the incredible people and cultures they encountered along the way. Through them we learn how to travel with purpose, whether that is across lands thousands of miles away, or discovering places a little closer to home.

Pip Stewart

Pip Stewart

Alex is reunited with his old friend, adventurer and journalist, Pip Stewart at her favourite  beach on England’s south coast, near her home in West Wittering. Together they recall Pip’s adventures cycling from Malaysia to London along the Ancient Spice Route, or immersing herself in the isolated cultures of the Amazon, kayaking down the remote Essequibo River.

Pip reveals her adventures are story driven. She enjoys traveling slow so she can immerse herself into the cultures, sights, flavours and sounds of the places she visits, uncovering what her travels have taught her about the importance of an adventurous attitude to life.

Ash Bhardwaj

Ash Bhardwaj

Alex tracks down his old friend and travel writer Ash Bhardwaj at one of his favourite wild camping spots in the Chilterns, overlooking his home town of Windsor in the distance. It was here Ash first fell in love with the outdoors, and which set him up for a life trekking the Sahara, walking the Iron Curtain and meeting the Dalai Lama. Now he’s back in the UK with the rest of us, but Ash is characteristically upbeat.

Ash shares stories of rediscovering his heritage by throwing himself into the people, food and culture of India, and tales from his life-affirming journeys.

Levison Wood

Levison Wood

Alex finds his old friend and world-renowned explorer, Levison Wood, who’s hiking in the hills of the Peak District. It was in these hills that Lev got his first taste of a wilder life, one that has seen him become one of Britain’s best-loved TV adventurers, with record-setting hikes along the Nile, the Himalayas and Arabia.

Famed for his walking adventures, Lev reflects on what it means to travel this way and how it offers a unique perspective of the world, sharing his hard-learned secrets for living an adventure-filled life.

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