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Gastronomy masterclass

Join our gastro pioneer and Persian food connoisseur Hami Sharafi, aka @igotitfrommymaman, as he walks you through how to create the warming Middle Eastern lamb stew inspired by OPIHR Black Lemon spiced gin – perfect for home-style family gatherings and dinner parties.

Mixology masterclass

Join Rich Woods ‘The Cocktail Guy’ as he creates the perfect spiced cocktail with OPIHR’s Aromatic Bitters Gin. Loosely based on a Martini, Rich will show us how to infuse the decadent drink with Ginger, Cubeb and Sumac to create a bitter and aromatic cocktail. This masterclass is a step by step walk through of a brand new cocktail, created exclusively for OPIHR. Bringing to life this European inspired spiced gin, Rich illustrates how to craft a spectacular cocktail at home using the contents of your spice rack.

Aromatherapy Masterclass

Join Ricki Lawal from Selfmade Candle as she walks us through how we can use spice in candles to elevate our taste experiences. Taking inspiration from the ancient spice route and OPIHR gin, this masterclass is a step by step guide to creating a unique, spiced candle from scratch. Learn clever hints and tips about moulding and styling your own spiced candle at home. Ricki will explore the impact of spice in aromatherapy and how best to pair spice with OPIHR gin. This masterclass is a deep dive into the experience of scent and taste.

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