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Aroma Pioneer Ricki Lawal

Our aroma pioneer Ricki Lawal launched her business Selfmade Candle after teaching herself how to make candles during the pandemic. The eco-conscious candlemaker creates hand-poured soy wax candles infused with bespoke, spiced essential oils. Teaming up with OPIHR, Ricki’s masterclass will show how we can use scent to elevate our taste buds, as she crafts a candle inspired by OPIHR’s signature Gin & Ginger ale serve. Based in London, Ricki’s Selfmade Candle range is available online, with five percent of all profits donated to mental health charity, Black Minds Matter.


Aromatherapy masterclass

Join Ricki Lawal from Selfmade Candle as she walks us through how we can use spice in candles to elevate our taste experiences. Taking inspiration from the ancient spice route and OPIHR gin, this masterclass is a deep dive into the experience of scent and taste, with a step by step guide to creating a unique, spiced candle from scratch. Learn clever hints and tips about moulding and styling your own spiced candle at home. Ricki will explore the impact of spice in aromatherapy, and how best to pair spiced scents with your OPIHR gin.

Want to try at home?

The official
Spice Tour OPIHR candle

by Ricki lawal

1. Your first step is melting the wax. Place your wax inside a heat-proof glass bowl, then place your bowl inside a saucepan filled with hot water. This is known as a bain marie, which will ensure the wax melts slowly and at a consistent temperature.

2. Once max is molten (completely liquified), pour into a mixing jug.

3. Now it’s time to add your chosen essential oils. We recommend using ginger spice (nutmeg, cinnamon, and ginger) for its serotonin and energy-boosting properties. A cinnamon scent additionally compliments the pepper, cardamom and ginger found in OPIHR Spiced Gin. Pour oil directly into the wax.

4. Stir essential oils and wax to ensure they are fully combined. At this stage, your wax is ready. Now find a suitable jar to use for holding candle. Ambers jars are recommended here, as they block UV light and keep the candle at a consistent temperature.

5. Before pouring wax into the jar, prepare your candle wick by sliding wood wick into a wood wick clip. Then add a candle wick sticker to the bottom of the clip. This helps to secure the wick when your candle begins to melt.

6. Once your wax is approximately 40 degrees, you’re ready to pour your blended wax and oils into the jar.

7. Wait until wax is fully set and then you’re ready to light the candle and enjoy the aromas as you enjoy an OPIHR Gin & Ginger Ale.

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