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European Edition Aromatic Bitters

The unmistakable taste of OPIHR Spiced Gin, perfectly balanced with discernible bitter notes of cascarilla bark and fragrant myrrh to create a truly unique and aromatic flavour profile.

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The European Edition blends fragrant myrrh and the distinct aromatic bitterness of cascarilla bark.

Inspired by Venice’s 500+ year rich spice trade history and the Italian love affair with cascarilla bark used to create highly aromatic tonics, bitters and vermouths. This is a bold, savoury-led spiced London Dry gin with balanced bitter notes and mixes perfectly with sweet vermouth and Campari to create a spiced twist on a classic Negroni cocktail.

While cascarilla bark is not native to Europe, it is present in any bitter liqueurs in the south of the continent and adds an aromatic and fragrant twist to OPIHR’s flavour profile.

ABV: 43%

Aroma: A bold savoury-led gin with balanced burnt orange and bitter notes. It has smooth notes with mature rounded citrus and earthy finish.

Taste: A smooth, rounded London Dry Gin; soft camphor balanced with sweet, smoky wood notes and a clean finish.

Typical Values (Per 100ml)

Energy (kcal): 237
Energy (kJ): 982

Alcohol %: 43
Fat (g): <0.5
Carbohydrate (g): <1.0
Sugar (g): <0.1
Fibre (g): <0.5
Protein (g): <0.1

Vegan: Yes
Gluten free: Yes

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