Research the area before you go and book once in a lifetime experiences! Snorkelling, dolphin watching in the sea. Do something out of your comfort zone, eat something new and local, hire an electric scooter anything you wouldn’t normally do. These things turn into the best memories and this is what going on holiday is all about! My latest holiday was to Lanzarote, it wasn’t where we were supposed to be headed but with covid cancellations this is where we ended. Most places were closed but we bought snorkel masks and headed to the beach. Within 10 minutes we were hooked! The most beautiful fish and wildlife took our breathe away. We will always remember that. We spotted a beautiful bar over looking the ocean, again not something we’d usually do but we headed in and ordered some cocktails. Ended up back there a further 4 times on the holiday. Everywhere is an adventure of you do a little research and go out of your comfort zone!

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